Exquisite bio-cellulose masks bring a moment of relaxation and wellbeing at Viviane Aires Skin Wellness

Exquisite Face & Body

7 products
    7 products
    Exquisite Soothing Cleansing Gel
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    Exquisite Face + Body Ultra Hydrating Facial Toner
    Exquisite Face + Body AVAILABLE NOW Viviane Aires Skin Wellness video
    Exquisite Eye Complex
    This unique bio-cellulose mask is designed to treat your eye contour area targeting under eyes and deep wrinkles. Buy it NOW
    Exquisite Face + Body Brightening Anti-Puff Eye Masks
    This hydrating mask is infused with a cutting-edge marine peptide and extra hyaluronic acid to deeply moisturize your skin. Your skin will feel hydrated, nourished, smooth and firm…exquisite.
    Exquisite Dual Hydration Bio-Cellulose Masks
    Neck & Décolleté Renewing Sheet Masks This patent-pending bio-cellulose mask fits the curves and contours of your neck and décolleté like a second skin.
    Exquisite Neck & Décolleté Renewing Sheet Masks
    Exquisite Gentle Enzymatic Peel
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