Onyx Skincare Device

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Onyx Skincare Device
Onyx Facial Device at VASW
Onyx Skincare Device
Onyx Facial Device VASW
Onyx Skincare Device
Onyx Skincare Device

Onyx Skincare Device

SKU: 158
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This small, yet powerful, facial device will leave you with instantly brighter, firmer, and healthier skin after only one use. Onyx is a portable skincare device that uses top-of-the-line technology to address a variety of skincare needs. Onyx features four different modes, each with their own combination of LED light, micro-currents, vibration, and heat. In only two minutes you have the freedom to give yourself a complete facial no matter where you are in the world. See for yourself how Onyx is revolutionizing the modern-day skincare routine.

Onyx features four different modes:
  • LED Light
  • Micro-currents
  • Vibrating silicone bristles 
  • Thermal Heat

Advanced Micro-Current Technology

The state of the art technology in Onyx device utilizes micro-current, a low voltage electric pulse to stimulate skin cells activity. It’s like a workout for you face! Micro-current encourages muscles to look more defined and assists  collagen growth for improved elasticity and brightness.

4 LED Light Modes

  • Blue - Helps to treat acne speeding the healing process.
  • Red - Promotes collagen production and growth, assisting in restoring skin elasticity and youthful Glow!
  • Green - Improves skin brightness and smoothness specially when used with massage cleansing mode.
  • Purple - Improves blood circulation and decrease inflammation and stimulate the elimination fo toxins within the skin cells.



One Onyx device has over 1,500 silicone micro-bristles to ensure a deep cleanse with every use.Combine this with the maximum vibration frequency of 8,000x per minute and you'll swear your skin has never been cleaner and less congested.

You don't have to worry about charging Onyx every night. Once fully charged, your Onyx device can last for 30 days without needing to be plugged in again. Just make sure not to lose your charging cable!

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